Digital Overstimulation

By | Digital Minimalism

Today we live in a digital age of endless online feeds of over stimulation, primarily driven by what is coined as the ‘attention economy‘. One aspect of this economic model is that there no longer exists any stopping cues.

We are being exposed to more novelty than any previous generation before us. This has resulted in a lot of destructive addictive like behavior effecting things like our natural sleep rhythms and mood. Groups of online denizens have been waking up to this reality and have started banding together to form communities such as #nosurf and #nofap to try and combat the negative effects of these indulgences.

What can be done? Many things! For myself I am choosing to engage in actions that give my body and mind and break to help myself down-regulate and rewire. However relying on will power alone may be tricky business and I believe we need some interventive assistance. Here are some action steps which have really helped me:

  • Using tools like the ksafe to lock away the smart phone at night.
    • Or better yet getting rid of the smart phone altogether and going back to a non-smartphone, I myself use the 2017 model of the famous Nokia 3100.
  • Using a light timer to turn off the wifi router when the sun goes down. Creating a literal digital sunset.
  • Cutting out refined foods and participating in a natural nutritious diet.
  • Using browser plugins like LeechBlock to discourage the use of some sites.
    • You can also modify your local hosts file to block certain sites all together.
  • Adopt a digital sabbatical: every Sunday no internet and an all day fast.
    • Adopting an Intermittent fasting protocol boosts mood and helps stabilize blood sugars which really helps.

You may find these actions to be quite challenging depending on how much you indulge with the endless streams of novelty found on the internet. However, in time you may find yourself feeling better with new perspective and a love of life’s simple pleasures. The adventures continue πŸ˜‰

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