Force Install of Perl Modules

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So many times have I encountered issues revolving around installing Perl modules from CPAN. Here is a way to force the installation! To read more check it out HERE.

Please know this isn’t necessarily always going to work. Sometimes you will need to figure things out and fix issues and/or install missing dependencies, but there are times when skipping the tests is all you need to do πŸ™‚ Teasing out when something like this works and when it doesn’t is the fun part. πŸ˜‰


cpan -f -T -i <MODULE-NAME>
  • -f Force the specified action, when it normally would have failed
  • -T Do not test modules. Simply install them.
  • -i Install the specified modules.


# Invoke from Command line for help
$ perldoc cpan | grep "[-][fiT]"
# Note: You need to install the perl-doc
# package to use this program.
# If you don't have it installed download
# it from your friendly apt repository.
# Example from Debian below: 
$ sudo apt install -y perl-doc

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